Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worth Passing On....

One of the best things I have ever done in my Christian walk was to join the Siesta's Scripture Memory team (Beth Moore) last year where we memorized a new scripture every 15 days-24 verses in a year! I wasn't able to attend the celebration conference in January but was able to listen to the audio of it this weekend from Beth's bog site. I so cherish my spiral book full of last years verses. I am continuing this journey this year but I have beefed it up to one verse a week. My verses are posted in my sidebar and with the Point Scripture Memory Team (also in my side bar).

Following listening to the Siesta's SMT audio this weekend, I started doing a detailed study of Psalms 119, taking 8 verses a day from the alphabet acrostic format it is written in. One of the study Bible's I am using is John MacArthur's Study Bible and I just have to throw out two things for you to ponder and meditate on from it.....

"Internalizing the Word is a believers best weapon to defend against encroaching sin"-referenced to Ps. 119:9-16

"The chief means of biblical counseling is the application of God's Word by God's Spirit to the heart of a believer". Referencing Ps. 119:24

Did one of these references grab your heart? Are you internalizing God's Word, taking it with you daily, memorizing and meditating on it? It has been a transforming action and now a habit within my walk.

I encourage you to go buy a small spiral notebook (got mine at Office Depot) and start recording the scripture God gives you in your quiet time or through a sermon. Take it with you in your car, set it on your desk or bathroom counter top-anywhere where you can see it throughout the day and be reminded of God's gifts through His Word.

When you look back over your years worth of scripture it will reflect your life. It tells a story. It will bring you such comfort and joy. It will become your counsel and your armor. Most of all, it will grow your faith and your love relationship with God.

Believing Him~Pamela