Saturday, August 31, 2013

To Die Daily

From a Mother's Heart to Her Daughters...

Hey girls, This was a response I penned to a Beth Moore blog. Thought I would share it with you too....

Newspaper Heading: Science is mystified: Death Comes Daily and Yet She Lives

A 50 year old lady from the state of Missouri dies daily. She acknowledges this as a choice and this has stumped the health care industry. It cannot be explained by science but its evidence, this daily death and new life, is real. And it is spreading like a virus to others!

Unlike most virus scientist have examined under the microscope, this one causes death followed by new growth. It takes the infections diseases and ailments from a persons life and restores its cells with the grace and mercy of new cells. The outward manifestations of the disease are transformed before the very eye. Strangely enough and what baffles the observer and scientist the most is that this process is controlled by its host.

Like most, this host the 50 year old Missourian, acknowledges a life full of the infections of heartache and failure. Pain from the loss of people she has adored and loved to some decision that have left consequences sometime too unbearable for her to carry weaken her. She admits her own selfishness and self centeredness has been the primary disease of her heart and mind. It has metastasized to her words and actions.
Here lies the evidence of the viruses that take her life each and every day. More and more individuals are coming forward to be tested positive for this. There is a vaccine that will prevent the daily deaths but most are choosing not to get it. They choose the Cure.

The cure is simple to put on paper but observed to be more difficult to arrive at. The Cure is always available but not always sought out. The Cure requires a daily death, a dying to self with a physical, emotional and spiritual surrendering to the Creator and Sustainer. One can observe the host death as a reverent release and letting go. This writer observed that most days you feel as if you are on a battlefield. There are tears, sometimes there's blood, and the host can show you the scars of this daily death.

There are no words to describe the new life. You witness a calm assuring confidence in the One who resurrected the host life. There is an unspeakable joy even though the environment displays a different scene. There's a sense  that this life is not their own and there is an awakening to a greater purpose.

Science cannot explain this, the host can only live it out. You will witness it in this 50 year old Missourian. She is not alone...

Praying your heart understands this because of the reflection of my life and my heart for God.

I love you!!