Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Amazing God

God woke me up early this morning. I had hopes to sleep in as it was such a busy first week at the college I work for. It was crazy with challenges and I was mentally drained. But I woke before the sun feeling refreshed and came down in the quietness of the house and "waited for the Lord, my soul waits and in His word I put my hope..." (Ps. 130: 5). So I will take you on my morning journey with the Lord and hopefully you will find encouragement.
My first scripture reading from "Praying God's Word Day-by-Day" (Beth Moore) took me to Psalm 40:1-3 to remind me of where I had been and where I am now in God (it's not so painful to remember anymore but a sweet reflection of the fact that God uses the unusable!). I remember when I first learned to fully rest in God-I was completely broken from the dark and miry pit I had created and fallen into (Ps. 40:2). I was in such pain and was lonely but even in that state, I found comfort and assurance that He was there for me, despite my sin and failure. He needed me to totally depend on Him as He carried me to "new ground and put a new song in my heart" (Ps. 40:3). In that pain and loneliness, He gave me a hint of the peace that was to come into my life. This morning as I rested in Him, His love reminded me of the joy and peace I now live in because of His power and His strength amplified in my life.
My devotional book topic for today was on God speaking to His people which led me to reflect on this relationship I have with Him and the joy I experience in hearing Him when I choose to listen and be still. When you cannot hear God's voice it is not because God is not near, it is because there is a problem within your heart, a problem within your life. Resting in Him and His will opens our eyes, our ears, and our heart to Him more clearly (unlike the people referenced in Isaiah 6:9&10 which came from my second scripture reading). We must be filled with the Holy Spirit to do His work. Many may be cold and callous (Isa 6:10a) but God will place in front of us the souls He needs us to minister to for Him. So, like Isaiah, we must recognize our unworthiness and at the same time have a heart and will that says "Here am I, use me" (6:8b).
I then turned my attention to the next chapter I am reading on "The Power of a Women's Words" by Sharon Jaynes and the content of the power of a women's words to God. I believe in prayer and have been a witness to His work these last few weeks in the most incredible ways. The first answered prayer was the awakening of a child from a coma following a severe head injury-Gods hand was so apparent because medicine would say it wasn't likely to happen after this length of time. The second answered prayer was the coming home of a lost item for one of my spiritual encourager's-a lost camera at an airport returned to its owner-had to be God! Theses examples have been to me a pleasant reminder of the power of a women's words to God as many women were praying in both these situations. So I can rest in the confidence that God does hear, He does remember us and will act on our behalf.
So As I bring this all together: the wonder of being freed from the chains of my past through God's amazing grace to being filled with His Holy Spirit and the power of prayer that builds my faith and trust-I only want to honor and serve Him more. I can boldly pray Paul's words of Ephesians 6: 19&20 (in my own words):

"Lord, I pray that I might open my mouth without fear.
I pray that I will use the right words to teach the truth of your Gospel.
Send me to minister to those who need to understand your grace.
I have been in the chains of sin,
now I want to keep on speaking for You,
with Your words and without fear ".
God can take and use anyone. He can give you the peace you so long for if you just turn to Him and totally get lost in Him and His word. What a most amazing morning with my Lord!
In His Graces~Pamela