Thursday, January 3, 2008

Living in TRUTH

This morning has started off with a little unrest. Following a disturbing dream and kids who took took the whine factor off the scale, I find myself in a battle to live in my bad mood as satan would prefer or to live in the "TRUTH". We started a new Bible study at church last night titled the "TRUTH Project" from Focus on the Family. Satan is putting me to the test today. But God has given me the ammunition to fight back by blessing me in my scripture reading and I chose to live in the TRUTH-God. If Christ came into this world to testify to the TRUTH (John 18:37), isn't that how I am also to live? So my strength for today comes from the words Paul penned so many years ago in Colossians chapter 2:
" [6] And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord,
you must continue to follow him.
[7] Let your roots grow down into him,
and let your lives be built on him.
Then your faith will grow strong in the TRUTH you were taught,
and you will overflow with thankfulness."
I can choose to allow my emotions to ride low or I can live in the truth that I have in Christ. I chose to follow Christ, to be rooted deeply in His redemptive grace and to walk through my day in His presence. I chose to love Him more so my faith will grow stronger in the TRUTH that He is and the TRUTH I have learned of Him. I chose to live in thankfulness for all that He has blessed me with-my husband who is a man with a heart for God's TRUTH, children who are able to express their emotions good or bad, a home that is warm and well supplied to meet our needs....and on and on I could go. How can I not but win this battle against my "frustrations" if I live today with a thankful heart and live in the TRUTH-God.
I leave you with this thought from last nights Bible study on Jesus being TRUTH:
"Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?
If we did, we would turn the world upside down."
~Del Tackett
OUCH. I have been challenged to live in the TRUTH!
In His Graces~Pamela

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