Monday, January 7, 2008

What do we offer God?

I just marvel at God's work in my Bible study and scripture readings when they tie into not just events within my day or week but also the Sunday morning sermons! I often pray for God to speak clearly to me and how much more clearer can He be when the message comes to me from all angles! PRAYER! PRAYER! PRAYER! I need to build on my prayer life. So I say "yes, Lord". I want to know Him more, I want more of Him and what better way than in prayer?
Our pastor yesterday took us to Colossians 1 and those beautiful verses 9b-12 (which I shared in my Jan 2nd blog). He encouraged us to pray these verses everyday for not only ourselves, but also for others within the church. My pastor referenced the "church is better together-together in prayer". When we start praying for each other, connections begin, relationship develop, closeness pursue, and we become more forgiving, more loving, more Christ-like.
When I was getting ready for church Sunday, a local minister on TV was discussing the fall of today's churches. Five churches a day close their door in the US alone. Many churches are only having 0-1 baptisms a year. Why? Where have all the people gone-to the mega churches? I don't think so. When did America lose the value of God in our life and the value our church family and ministry brings? Then I thought of all the "Sunday morning Christians" when I read Isaiah 1 this morning and how God commands us to "stop bringing meaningless offerings" (vs 13). So I had to ask myself, what have I been bringing to God? Is my life worthy of Christ and am I being productive for His kingdom (Col 1:10)? I'm afraid that I have fallen short in reaching out in prayer and I am committed to change that.

I think it is important that we all ask ourselves what we bring to God? Do you only offer yourself on Sunday mornings or every day? Do you offer yourself in prayer "without ceasing"?

In His Graces~Pamela


Lelia Chealey said...

Hi Pamela!
Lelia here from Nebraska. I know you love Beth Moore might already know this, but I didn't until yesterday. She also is a blogger.
Just wanted to share in case you were clueless like me. :)
Good post by the way...a real "thinker". One I'll have to read again when I haven't sipped on NyQuil. :) I'll read it tomorrow again.
Many Blessings~

Lelia Chealey said...


She blogs along with her daughters. It's really neat.

See...the NyQuil has taken affect.
Sweet dreams!