Saturday, March 29, 2008

Young Christian Weekend

Prayer Request...for anyone who happens to stop by...we are in Branson Missouri for the "Young Christan Weekend" with our church youth group we lead. We have had fun so far, the main events are today. The kids are pumped about meeting new teenagers, pray they will be pumped about seeing Jesus here. Pray we will be "young" enough to keep up with them and pray this rain will go away!! I am vain when it comes to my hair...ughhh!!

Thank you guys!!!

In His Graces~Pamela


Yolanda said...


Aren't our youth so rich when it comes to theirs hearts for Jesus Christ?

They blow me over, all the time, and I am so thankful that He tells us to come as little children.

I hadn't heard of the program you were telling me about, when you get back, I'd appreciate a little more into. On a bible study, I believe it was.

Blessings on your trip to Branson.


Tonya said...

Oh.. that sounds like FUN! I'm right with you.. those young folks can be SOMETHING to try to keep up with. (I'm not so crazy about getting my hair wet either) LOL!!

Prayin you see JESUS EVERYWHERE!