Sunday, April 27, 2008

He loved His own to His Fullest

Our associate pastor gave a most wonderful sermon this morning that really spoke to me. It came from that old familiar passage of John 13, verses 1-17 in which Jesus washes His disciples feet. We know the story well, we have heard it many times, maybe even taught it in our own classes, but this morning it was presented in a new way, and a new realization was revealed to me from God for my life. This whole story is surrounding the final hours of Jesus and what He left for His disciples, for us. It made me ask myself, what do I want to be remembered for? What do I want to leave from my life?

Jesus washing the feet of the disciples was not just about doing acts of service, it is about being like Him-"behave as I have behaved" (vs 15). We are to be like Him in mind, in spirit and in action. Beyond the act of washing their feet, Jesus was implying the need that we all are to be washed or cleansed by His blood in order to be filled with His spirit (vs. 8). And in an even bigger message, He demonstrated that "He loved His own to His fullest" (vs. 1). He loved US to His fullness. He was about to further demonstrate this to us with the cross of Calvary and His resurrection.

He loves us to His fullest. Did you really hear that? Shall I repeat it? He loves us to His fullest!! And oh how He demonstrates it in our everyday life. Sometimes we have to put on our spiritual glasses to see it but it is there, in the mundane task to the supernatural if we are so blessed. So I had to ask myself, when my end has come, what will others remember about me? What do I want my life to reflect to God as I stand, or more likely bow, before Him in eternity? I quickly jotted three things that came to my mind on the title page of my Bible (all the blank pages in my Bible are filled up with other spiritual incites, Scripture or significant statements for my life). This is what I wrote as a commitment to God this day...

They will remember me by:
1. She loved her God with all her heart, mind and soul (Matt. 22:37)
2. She loved her own to her fullest (John 3:1)
3. She lived in grace and overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of her testimony (Rev. 12:11)

I want to have "She loved her own to her fullest" put into a frame or "They loved their own to their fullest" etched on a wooden picture block to place in our home. It is my goal this week to behave as Christ-to love my own (the family and friends He has blessed me with) to my fullest.
I will need prayer. It will require me to love to my fullest when the girls decide to bicker, or when I come home to a messy kitchen from the after school pancake snacks that they have made. I will be called to love to my fullest when there are annoying habits to endure (like shoes left out, toilet paper rolls not replaced, just to name a few). I will be called to love to my fullest when I am needed to meet individual needs within my own busy schedule. I am sure it won't be easy, but I want to behave like Jesus behaved and to love, fully love!!
In His final hours He completed His journey and He loved us to His fullest.
To be like Him....
In his Graces~Pamela
PS-I posted actual pictures from my palm camera of the flowers I talked about in my last post. I think they are a form of a daisy called "glebionis segetum"...?


SweetPea said...

I love the story of Jesus' washing the disciples' feet. It shows Him to be so humble and also leading by example (do as I do).

Jesus is awesome! What greater blessing than to become more and more like in Him character.
Grasping Him,

Joyful said...

You have such a beautiful heart for the Lord. Praying He will enable you to love Him and your own to the fullest.

Amy said...

Humbling post, Pamela, and beautiful flowers.:)
God Bless,

Tonya said...

Hello There, My Friend!

What a GREAT reminder of how JESUS loves us. There is NO GREATER LOVE. I think the only earthly comparison we have is the unconditional love we feel for our children. It doesn't matter what mistakes they'll make in life, there is NOTHING that can separate them from our love.

Now, as for your flowers... WOW, they are BREATHTAKING! I've FINALLY started working on some flower beds here. I've never been one to really care about the outside of our home. I think I was just too busy tending to the inside to care. As our boys grow older and help clean up after themselves, I'm finding MUCH MORE time to work on other things. Anyway... Your flower garden is LOVELY!

Hope you're having a GREAT Monday! =-)

Mindy said...

Hi Pamela!
You won my giveaway =)
I will be mailing you A Mother's Heart Knows as soon as I get your address.
Email me at

Have an incredibly blessed day!
in HIM -

Yolanda said...


You have me really in deep contemplation at the moment, that this is something I REALLY want for myself. To love my family and friends to the fullest, and my enemies. Would you pray for me, that I will be able to see this come to fruition? Especially as being a step-parent. Our two children are adults, and making their own choices, and I respect them deeply for that. Yet, I so want their love, and I keep telling myself my worth and value comes from Christ not people. Yet, I do desire that.

Thank you.


Lelia Chealey said...

OH boy, did Jesus tell you what I needed to hear or what???
I've been working on this kind of thing. Seems like since I started that Bible study on line things have been a little harder than normal & I'm sad to say I' haven't passed all the tests.
Thanks for these words.