Monday, June 9, 2008

It's time for a "Mind Fast"

The She Speaks conference I am attending is the end of next week. I am so excited as I sense God has something big planned for me. As I told a blogger friend, He may reveal where He wants me to go within ministry, He may ask me to go nowhere, but I sense He will be so alive and present in this event. I am readying myself as satan seems to be hitting from a variety of directions. I know I am not alone in this attack as other blogger friends have voiced the same concerns.

I notice my mind has been out of focus, even in some of my quiet times. Satan is trowing all kinds of things my way. The financial is trying but more troubling is the unrest he has been putting in my heart and mind. Driving to get my girls from their grandparents the other day (2.5 hour drive one way) I focused my time in prayer and meditation. I sensed during this quiet drive that God was telling me I needed to focus my mind on Him more. So, it's "Mind Fast" time. I am fasting with my mind-staying clear of anything that would clutter it with something other than those things of God. It's not easy...turning off the TV (I miss the morning news and HGTV) and zoning out the radio except for Christian channels (knowing my teenagers will think I have gone mad. Seriously, how can I expect them not to channel hop while taking them to their destination?). I want to prepare myself , body, mind and spirit, for Him at this conference. . .

As I was writing the above paragraph getting ready to seek your prayers for a burden that had been placed on me "against" this conference, God moved mightily!! As my husband and I was conversing through e-mail this morning about how we would handle this "issue" Joe had stated "lets wait and see what God will do". BAM!! Issue resolved while I was writing this post. God has provided again!! I sat at my desk crying, humbled and awed that He could be so me...the one who seeks Him daily but continues to fall short.

Our God is good, so very good!! Do pray for this event. Pray for the speakers and workers who have put this conference together. Pray for those of us attending. Pray for the ladies who are there with dreams of writing a book, for those of us who are there seeking to hear His instruction as a leader or speaker. Pray a movement will literally be heard throughout the states as hearts and minds are brought closer to Him and His eternal call specific to each of us!!

Lord, you know our deeds. Your know our mind, you know our hearts. As we ready our inner self for this conference, we know that you have placed an open door in our path, a door you have destined for us to enter. We can only go through that door, this calling, with you beside us. We need your strength and guidance. We cling to your Word and praise your name for what you are about to do in and through each and everyone of us. Make way the path Lord...we are coming to see You. We are coming to hear You. Most of all, we are coming to grow in our commitment to your calling for our life. It is all about You and we love You Lord!

My verse for this conference...

I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.
~Rev. 3:8


Chatty Kelly said...

Hi MrsJoeB! Found you off of Lysa's blog. I'll be looking for you at She Speaks! I can't wait either! See you there.

Anonymous said...

That's for the sweet message you left on my blog in regards to my testimony! What can i say- God is good!!!

I just hopped over to read your post today and am in complete agreement with you on the satan factor. He is circling over us like a vulture i imagine. Looking for who's gonnagive him the time of day. This morning i have a Dr's appt to go over my liver enzymes and some other blood stuff. I'm sure he'll be stirring up something before i get there. But i've already decided that if that's the case then i'll politely tell the doctor that i don't want to look any further into anything until after I come back from conference. I refuse to give satan my time, especially in the next few weeks while i'm preparing for God to do something awesome and bless my time at NC. Speaking of the devil, i need to go right now to b face first on my floor with my Jesus before i leave in 20 min's to head to the Dr. Maybe we could all create a video of how satan tried to keep us all from the conference and show bits of all of the testimonies that get shared! Have an awesome day! ~Heather~

tiggerdaisy said...

You are such an encouragement! :) Our God is mighty! I just love it when God comes through in such a way that we have no doubt who the author is!

Praying for you She Speaks attendees and workers.

Prayers and Blessings!

Amy said...

I need to write down that verse from Revelation.....During my time away the devil was ever present trying to rob me of my blessing, and he is very good at his job. He had me so focused on the bad things happening around me at times, that my vision of God was somewhat clouded.

I pray now that God would clear up my vision, because the devil has it all blurry.

I appreciate you sharing this today...I definitely needed to hear it.

I also want to tell you that your blog looks beautiful!:)

Thank you for your welcome back. It is SO good to be home.

God Bless,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Perfect thoughts as we ready our hearts to descend on Charlotte. I do believe that God has something special for each one of us. May his safety and surety travel with us, and the heavens rejoice alongside us as we seek to do our Father's good, pleasing, and pefect will.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Praise Jesus for answering a need right as you wrote this post.

Joe hit it o the many times does God tell us to just wait, wait on Him.

Lelia Chealey said...

I love how you & your husband continue to put your total faith in our God. He is such a provider. The love you have for Him is so evident in how you talk of Him. Much reverance seeps from your blog. He must be so proud to call you Daughter.
Can hardly wait to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prayer! My Dr. appt went great- blood never looked so good. Especially for me! Once again... The Lord gets glory for prayers answered and I give plbbb to satan. Thanks again! We should nominate you our conference nurse! "Smile" The nurse of signs, wonders, and miracles. Oh wouldn't that be just divine to have a healing while we're there! Have an awesome day!

Marybeth said...

Hi-- I wanted to say that your mind fast is a great idea... I have been having to actively make my brain not go down certain thought paths, so I totally know what you mean! If I let my mind wander, it gets me all wrought up over things I can't change any way. Thanks for this term and the idea of actively, intentionally fasting from an unhealthy thought life!

Starr LaPradd said...

I wandered over from Lysa's blog and am so glad I did. I love your post about She Speaks. I think God is getting us all ready for something BIG!!!! Why else would satan be having such a field day with so many attendees and even the speakers? Great things are getting ready to happen....Praise God!! Can't wait to meet you there! Will you be at the blogger's reception? I will!
Looking forward to mext Friday.

Nancy said...

I have never heard the term "Mind Fast" before, but I love the concept! What a fabulous way to describe what the Bible instructs us to do continually; take captive every thought and meditate on His Word day and night.

I am so glad I now have this mental picture now.