Monday, July 28, 2008

Being Tagged?!?!?

Okay...several of you have tagged me and I appreciate the thought but it seems that we have saturated our blog grouping/ what's a girls to do?

Sweet Mari ( was the first to tag me. If you haven't been to her site I encourage you to make a visit. She has a heart of gold and spiritual insight that is such a blessing. Meeting her in person at She Speaks was so sweet!!

Rebecca ( was the second to tag me in this thing. You will find encouragement and a heavenly spirit at her blog site! She has become a prayer buddy in our "No Other God's" blog Bile study.

And then in almost the same blog breath, Heather ( tagged me!! Heather has a wonderful story of how God has worked through her life...a life that is truly a miracle. You must go read her story!!

I am blessed by these tags! But as I view all the others who have also been tagged I see all my friends have been hit...sometimes more than once so I ask again...whats a blogger to do?? I guess I will not "re-tag" to possibly cause blog chaos. Instead, please visit my friends above and give them a blog hug today!!

I suppose I should include the six random things about me required within this tag....
(1) I collect antique tea cups and saucers-I especially like those from England and Germany
(2) I have a small rose garden but hope to one day have a big rose garden that I can call my prayer garden
(3) If they drew blood and tested it I would probably be diagnosed as a coffee addict...I am...I can drink it 24/7. God forbid the day my gut wears out and I can't have it anymore.
(4) I took piano lesson from first grade to eleventh...what a shame I gave it up. I love classical/instrumental music and often play it while working at my desk.
(5) I am a is my gift. I prefer to help 0ther and not be in the limelight
(6) I am married to the most loving, devoted, godly man. I know you all think you have the perfect guy but I would argue with you on that one. I am so so blessed and thank God everyday for allowing me to have him to love! That is why I always sign using his name (MrsJoeB) as I am so incredibly proud and honored to be his wife!

Okay. I did all I think I can do with this. Thank you everyone. You are loved and appreciated!!

In Him~MrsJoeB


Amy said...

That was great, Pamela.

After Shannon and I had been through a difficult time in our marriage, I did something to remind him of my love and commitment to him, and he LOVED it.

I ordered a shirt from Customized Glam Girl . com (I think was the company; you always see it in the back of USWeekly magazine.)

Anyway, the shirt is blue with white letters, and it says:

"Proud to be Mrs. Mahoney!"

He loves when I wear it.
So you need one, don't you think?:)

God Bless,

If I were rich I could definitely be a Starbucks Mocha Frapppucino addict....I guess that's why God keeps us with less money, so that I don't put myself through all that.:)

tiggerdaisy said...

You are so sweet girl! Thank you for those kind words!

I have a wonderful husband, too! Aren't we BLESSED beyond measure!

And I want a t-shirt like Amy's!

Prayers and blessings, my sweet friend!