Friday, August 15, 2008

Extreme Makeover

I have always enjoyed watching "Extreme Makeover" on Sunday nights. Paul is my favorite person on the show but Ty Pennington is quite a character. Throughout the season's I have sensed him noticing the "spiritual". The other day at work I noticed a guidepost laying on the desk with his picture. I took a few minutes to read his story and his acknowledgment of God's presence in his life. He even stated that after the families shout "move that bus" and see their dream home the camera's are shut off and they spend time thanking God for the blessing they have received. Why do they turn the camera's off???

Extreme make-over’s whether it is our home or yard, our bodies, our marriage, or even our families seem to be prevalent in our society. The transformation we watch is all good but the reality is that these make-over’s tends to only be on the outward appearance of something. They have a tendency to be temporary. I hear one family refinanced their multi-million dollar home the extreme makeover team built and now have filed bankruptcy. Sadly, it doesn't always last.
In time even the best of an outward make-over will show use and wear and may not hold up in the extremes. In truth, the house is only as good as its structure, a body will quickly regain lost fat if a diet plan is ended, and a marriage or family is only as good as the effort that is put into its success. Where do we set our expectation in these things? How can one measure self-worth in a world that changes before the last trend even has a chance to grow old?
A true extreme makeover begins with the spiritual. It is what God is calling us to in the 21st century. So many religions and faith based populations have saturated this world with more self-help, self improvements guarantees that even the Christian women of today has to use caution in this process as we may only experience a temporary makeover. Outward appearances do not always reflect the inner making of the heart and the principles in which we choose for this make-over are vital to our success in it. Let’s examine the process that is taken for an extreme internal make-over:

The first step in any make-over is to identify those areas in need of improvement. Just as the house might be too small, the body too heavy, or the marriage that has grown dull, spiritually one needs to identify when there is a void in their life, an emptiness, an offense that keeps us from being what we have been called to. We are to identify the inward need for God to be in our life, in every aspect of it. We have to be able to admit that we are a sinner in need of the saving grace only offered through Christ.

The second step is to remove the offensive, to take off the old so the new can be added. Spiritually, we are to remove our self, our pride or ego, our personal wants and desires. We are required to release our suffering and shame of what we have been. Habits and attitudes have to be stripped away and replaced by the new actions of forgiveness, grace and love. We have to let go of who we have been, releasing our inner self and allowing for a clean slate that God can take over.

The third step is the actual remodeling phase, the transformation phase. It begins with the heart and the mind. As new walls are built in a house, so to a new mind and heart is to be built in the Christian women. Seeking God daily in Bible study, scripture memorization, and spiritual readings will help us not only to learn more of Him but to be able to recognize Him in our life. We will literally be transformed into His imagine but it requires obedience, radical obedience. You learn to seek God in all things, the good and the bad, and you delight in His presence.

I said this in a blog posting before and I'll say it again, it is not about how many Christian activities I am involved in but it is about being involved in what God has called me to. It is not about having a faithful quiet time each morning but about my heart during that time and how much of me I am giving Him not only in that time but throughout the remainder of the day. It is living in the words of Lamentations 3:22-24:
"The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him"
It’s about purifying my heart and mind so that I allow more of Him in my life!
In this makeover, this transformation of our inner self, we learn to rest in the delight of walking with God-it is what we were designed for. Though we may have known God since childhood, He will become more real to us then He ever has been. We are forgiven and living in grace. I have said this before and I feel led to say it again...using our past, our sufferings, for God's glory may be painful but maybe one soul will avoid the same sins we have experienced. Maybe one soul will come to know Christ. That is what it is all about. Maybe one soul will be called to obedience and experience an extreme eternal make-over.
"The stones that had caused me to stumble in life were the very ones that were also building my character and my destiny"
A spiritual make-over is not just a one time procedure, a one time event. It is the continuous transformation of the body, mind, and spirit with the goal of loving God more passionately. Falling in love with Jesus is a daily process and it is what He calls us to.

In Him~Pamela (MrsJoeB)


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I love this show and saw the article. Haven't read it.

God's been working overtime on my heart lately. In preparation of our upcoming fall study, I've been working through Alicia Chole's "Anonymous" Bible study. It is, by far, one of the most powerful teachings I've ever received in God's Word. Because of its inward focus and depth, God is bringing up some issues that I must deal with NOW if I want to move on with Him. And while I am excited for the growth, the process means a stripping a way of some old patterns of behavior.

I'm 42. It's time, don't you think?

Thank you for your integrity in bringing God's Word to blog land. Indeed, your mailbox is filled with a good feed tonight.

Keep to it, dear friend.


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

First time visitor and have loved your insight into our need for an "extreme makeover."

Mari said...


It was so good talking to you tonight. Thanks for your wisdom!

I loved what you said
"A spiritual make-over is not just a one time procedure, a one time event."

It is truly a lifetime event. I've been on the journey for along time. I had a major milestone at She Speaks. It changed me forever. My experience this past Wednesday night is another that has changed me forever. And that is what is so great about God. He's always working on us. Sometimes it's painful but it's always worth it.

Amy said...

That was excellent, Pamela!
Being a visual learner, I love life lessons like this. Taking everyday things and putting God's spiritual spin on them always makes God's ways seem so much clearer to me.
I am definitely in the process of a spiritual makeover, and it will take much longer than an hour minus commercials I am afraid.;)
Thanks for sharing your heart.
God Bless,

Lelia Chealey said...

This was AWESOME!!! I loved how you went step by step. So good, especially for this girl who grew up in a home that was always being remodeled.
Great word my friend!
love ya,
p.s. I wish we lived closer too, BUT 3 hours isn't that far!!! :)

Jill said...

I loved reading your words tonight. It is a constant transformation and as I wonder what is taking place in my life, you reminded me to trust the hand of God. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What you were talking about at the end...
It reminded me of something Beth Moore said in the simulcast...
God uses our pain to birth our passion.

It hurts to have our pain used. It hurts for all that to start to come together... but if it makes us passionate about something, and ends up giving us tools, giving us ways of reaching out we might not have ever discovered otherwise... despite the pain, it's so worth it..
God bless,

much2ponder said...

"The stones that had caused me to stumble in life were the very ones that were also building my character and my destiny"

If I didn't believe this I could not go on. God is good and faithful. He has taught me so much through the difficulties in my life. I feel blessed as I read the words you have written tonight.