Friday, August 22, 2008


This week I have been at a hospital orientation for that new position I am taking to help our income while my husband is looking for a new job. I am not use to these M-F hours. I have been busy in the evenings with family and church events that I haven't had time to blog-hop...sigh...
I was tired this morning and feeling rushed so I skipped my quiet time...I knew better. I don't usually do this. Spending time in God's word is a necessity for me. I can read a good Christian book, listen to a good Christian music CD but nothing is like getting in the Bible. But God was there just the same...
I listened to one of the CD's that I had ordered from the She Speaks conference on the way in to the hospital and on the way home. God spoke to me. Since we only had a half a day at the hospital when I came home I open Lysa TerKeurst blog site ( and there He was again...speaking to me. I had put Him on the back burner yet He proved Himself to be faithful even when I am not. I was humbled. I read the scripture Lysa gave us and He was there even more. Without stealing from Lysa's blog, she referenced 2 Tim 1:12 (NLT): "...for I know the one in whom I trust, and I am sure that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until the day of his return."
You see, I am trouble that as Joe and I grow deeper in God and model this for our kids, they only seem to pull away from Him. We are walking the talk..why do they push God away? Every morning Joe and I get on our knees before we leave the house and pray together. Every morning I pray that He will capture the heart of our girls. Though I don't want to be impatient, this verse has encouraged me to persevere for I know the One whom I trust and I know He will guard what I have entrusted to him-our girls. I then read all of 2 Timothy chapter one and there was so much more of Him talking to me!! I am ashamed I waiting until this afternoon but maybe it was His timing too.

I then look 2 Timothy 1:12 up in The Message version and God really awed me (verses 11-12):

"This is the Message I've been set apart to proclaim as preacher, emissary, and teacher. It's also the cause of all this trouble I'm in. But I have no regrets. I couldn't be more sure of my ground—the One I've trusted in can take care of what he's trusted me to do right to the end."
Yes Lord, you have called me, you have set me apart. As unqualified as I want to be, He is calling me and my husband in ministry to serve hurting people because we have been there (the "trouble"). I do not have any regrets, not now, because of this. I can trust in Him to the end. This past Sunday, God brought two more people into our adult Sunday school class. Two hurting people. We are called. He has qualified us through our life. Every Thursday evening we work with hurting teenagers. We are called, He has qualified us because of what we have endured from our own bad choices. Our church is making changes that may result in losing members (building a new building) but He has called the church to do this and He will take care of us in this process. We must persevere through the pain, loss, and re-growth

I pushed my time with God aside this morning, He was still there and He "wow'd" me. I didn't deserve this confirmation but I am so full of joy. It's a God thing.

In Him~Pamela (MrsJoeB)


lisalyn said...

Indeed God is good!
Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Thank you for praying for me. I KNOW God is close. I KNOW that people like you are sent by Him to lift others up in prayer and encouragment. What a blessing! Thank You.

Amy said...

It is definitely a God thing!

I love how He loves us despite ourselves!
Just like I shared about Martha today. Even though she was misguided with her thoughts and actions, He knew her heart, and He just simply loved her.:)

To answer your question, I have read both of the books about Mary and Martha that you mentioned in my comments. I loved them! I have been wanting to reread them. I absolutely love seeing Jesus as a friend of that family; His relationship with them just makes Him so "tangible" to me. And it is overwhelming to realize that He loves us that same way.

I'm so glad God "wow'd" you today!
You are a blessing!
God Bless,

Mari said...

I too am glad that God's presence in my life is not dependent on my faithfulness. I'd have very little of it!

I'm in prayer for your girls too! I read once in a Jim Cymbala book how he had been praying for his daughter to return to the Lord (she had runaway from home as well I believe). He finally asked his church, Brooklyn Tabernacle, to pray for her. At one particular Tuesday night prayer meeting a member called on the church to pray for restoration of his daughter to the Lord. That Saturday she went home and returned herself to her family and to God. Want to know what she asked? She wanted to know who was praying for her that Tuesday night! The enemy thought he had her for life. He thought he was blocking Jim Cymbala's credibility as a pastor. He was wrong (as usual).

I say all this to say that regardless of what is going on with your daughters, you keep praying and keep doing what God has called you to do. God will do what He always does - show Himself strong.

Shane said...

I love when God gives us ears to hear... how He pours Himself into us... even when we aren't obedient. Thank you for these thoughts.

God Chaser said...

God knows what we need before we need it, and even though in our busyiness and hurrying we may skip a meal with Him, wecan give glory He won't skip what we need from Him. I too love it when god shows Himself and awes me. be blessed and thanks so much for sharing. I am studying becoming A Vessel God can use by Donna Partow and in tonight's lesson she pointed out "It's true. You have led the perfect life__for you. God has given you exactly, precisely, perfectly, the life experiences you need to become a vessel He can use." Yes you have been called and God use every circumstance in your life to prepare you. Be blessed

Jill said...

I enjoyed reading your words today and could relate to what you had to say. As you spoke of your girls I thought of my parents, who don't understand my faith and what it leads me to do, but like Lysa said we have to walk in faith and remember people are watching, especially our loved ones. I just pray someday the seeds we plant will grow. In order for that to happen we just have to keep walking in faith and trusting - really it's all in His hands anyway! Thanks for your encouragement on my blog, I appreciate it. Blesssings, Jill

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Pamela, I am touched by the vulnerability in this post. I'm inspired that as you work through your questions your heart only grows more toward the Lord, not away. The easy thing to do is stop pushing into God and start pushing the kids, but that is a mistake, as I'm sure you know. I want to add my amen to "God is good."

Yolanda said...


It is a God thing!

Can't even imagine how much God loves it when we choose His way instead of the worlds, can you? May He be exalted and elevated!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

It sounds as if you're weary, Pamela, on many fronts. It's good to hear your heart and your continuing faithfulness in the midst of change and uncertainty. God is faithful to bless your obedience. We may not always see his hand or "feel" his presence, but he is with us...loving us as he always has, as he always will.

I love you too, and will be praying for peace in your journey this week. May God bless your Sabbath with an abundance of his assuring presence and favor over you and your family.


Laura said...

Wow, Pamela! I was so touched by the image of you and Joe praying together. How that must make God smile when He listens. He hears your cries for your girls! Don't give up! One day your children will thank you for your dedication and example!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Wow - I just love when HE never gves up - never ever... I was brought here from Lisa's blog. My old pastor's wife we called Mrs. JoeB at times. It was not her, but I am sooooooo thankful I dropped by. Have a wonderful day. Love, Leigh