Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Behind Those Eyes Blog Bible Study

Ladies-I apologize that I accidently turned off the comments section when I set this up to post on Tuesday. I hope you have come back....
Chapter 9: We Are Completely Flawed Yet Forgiven Completely

Lisa challenged us in the Bible study guide to search out hearts and ask ourself if we truly believe that we are forgiven from God and do we allow Him to forgive us....so here are my thoughts. As you know, or if you might be visiting, you can read other thoughts from some of the most spiritually beautiful women I have come to share this blog Bible study with from our host Lelia!

“Oh, what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, whose sins are put out of sight.~Romans 4:7 (NLT)

I have read through Romans many, many times but this verse just jumped off the pages of this chapter as I understand this joy it is talking about. As a child I understood enough about sin to understand I needed Jesus in my life. As a teenager I grasped a beginning relationship with Him and first started experiencing what security and joy meant. But I allowed everything that my parents had protected me from to entice me to leave my faith for about 10 years. The birth of my first child rekindled my convictions for having God back in my life. Though I had already returned to the church before her conception, it wasn't so real. It was just an action. It was in falling into a pit from a sin I chose to participate in that I fully learned what grace was all about. How I cherish God's grace and what it means.

Jesus Christ loves and forgives you without conditions (pp. 163)

I know that. I know this truth. Flawed? I do not have time to post how flawed I am. All I can post on is how much more today I understand this concept of God's forgiveness. It is the most perfect gift. For years I struggled with the concept but I now realize it is only because I was not able to forgive myself and I allowed others unforgiveness of myself to override His forgiveness. The verses of Romans 7:15-21 now speaks volume...because I understand. This sinful nature, the "flesh women" of my soul has had too may years of control and she doesn't want to die. Just when I think I have removed her, satan will throw something at me and "she" will resurface. So, if I cant kill her, I much seek to control her and that is only going to happen if God is in control of my life.

"It began to sink into my soul that being so deeply flawed left me with the ability to be forgiven by God equally, the flaws suddenly felt really important to the process. and though I don't understand exactly how He is able to do that for me, I rejoice in its truth". (pp. 165)

I know that. I know this truth. I, even at my best will never be good enough. But God is! My flaws have given me the ability to be better. God is taking me full circle (thank you Elaine-you are right). It is worth the wait, the pain, and the loneliness that I have sometimes experienced. Because when all else fails me, I know all I have to do is get on my knees, open my Bible, visit your blog sites, or read my devotionals and God is there. Unconditionally, He is there. Like Moses, I am able to have my mountain top experience and that give me hope even if all else around me seems to be falling apart. Because of God my flaws are so much more tolerable, especially since I see Him using them for His glory.

Peace. Joy. Contentment. Even amidst the flaws. Look. They are there.

I know I have said this in a previous post but I must say it again...I cannot wait to truly understand the magnitude of His greatness. Though I fully understand His grace and live in daily, I want to be able to completely understand His magnitude even more. And then to be without flaws. That's in the eternal and I welcome it.

I think what most convicted me was again in the Bible study guide for this chapter. Lisa challenged us to pray for 3 minutes each day for the next five days for someone who has hurt us. So that is my commitment. I don't want to. Who do I chose? Both of them. I challenge you to do this also.


Liz said...

I took the challenge to pray when I read the chapter in the back of the book. Even though I have prayed that God will bless the one(s) that hurt me, that He will reveal Himself to her (them), I found that three minutes of dedicated time for each of those on my "list" was time well spent in gaining a deeper understanding of His absolute, unconditional, and total forgiveness and love. I don't know if my meager little mind will ever comprehend it, but I strive for it, just like you say in your post.
Thanks for the insight and thoughts.

Lelia Chealey said...

I loved what you wrote here Pamela...
"God is taking me full circle.It is worth the wait,the pain and the loneliness that I have sometimes experienced."

You are such a blessing to my life dear friend. Thanks for your encouragement tonight on the phone and your listening ear. :)
Love you,
Praying for you & yours...keep me updated via email or text. xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh, so good.

God is so amazing isn't he?

I too have come full circle in this past year. Unbelievable the paths He takes us on when we finally give up and follow Him, rather than ourselves.
I am in awe of what I see Him doing in your life, in the lives of others in this study.

Thank you for your thoughts. I too have been challenged to pray for someone... by Lisa's study guide, and by a close friend...
I am joining you. Not easy, but I am going to do it.
God bless you,