Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Behind Those Eyes Blog Bible Study-The Final Chapter

We arrive to the final chapter "The Truth Heals" of Lisa's book. As we journey these final steps within this study, I must reflect back and rest a bit. It has been a painful journey at times, there has also been great joy. What the TRUTH is has been proven to me as I have read and studied these chapters. I feel as if we have climbed a large spiritual mountain and now that we are at the top, not only can we reflect on the magnitude of God in our life, we can look into His mirror and the reflection we see is His truth.

God created you exactly the way you are, with your unique personality and temperament, since He is incapable of making a mistake. (pp.169)

The recognition of the TRUTH I live in is that the flaws in my life are from my own doing, my own mistakes, my own poor choices, my own sins. But, I recognize that despite that TRUTH, I am created for a divine purpose. My assignment from Him is the only place I will find contentment. Working and playing in His plan for my life is where my fulfillment will be.

God created you with a free will to choose your behavior and mess up your life. (pp.173) God desires for us to have beautiful and fulfilling lives...but He often allows our mistakes to guide us into better choices for our future. (pp.175)

Choices...free will...TRUTH. TRUTH is admission that we have mess it up sometimes. I have made wrong choices, said the wrong things, been selfish. TRUTH is the admission that we have been wrong, that we are forgiven and that life as God ordained it can go on. He can restore you, He can restore me once again. He does use broken people, people with baggage, those afflicted with adversity such as David in the Old Testament and those with "thorns" such as Paul in the New Testament. He has used so many more people like them to bring honor and glory to His world. And He's looking for more willing people, broken people, humble people like you and me. So embrace this-offer yourself up and willing yield to His restoration and purpose.

God created us to discern and discover who we are and where we function most effectively without trying to be someone else. (pp.180)

TRUTH is resolution. TRUTH is accepting who we are for what God made us to be. I had this put to test these past couple of weeks in which an affliction fell on my husband and I in our ministry. Though the outcome has not completely resolved itself, my husband and I are soul searching in prayer for God's desire in this. I have been confident on this one thing-this one TRUTH-we have walked in this affliction with God fully beside us. Though satan has tried to tear us done, we both have grown spiritually. We both are ready to accept God's plan in this pain. I have attempted to use my anger and turn its energy into seeking God more. We have had to step outside our comfort box within our ministries and address our placement of service. It is a good thing to do when you are so involved. It refreshes the spirit. It makes you review your purpose in serving and it opens doors for change. It also allows one to confirm their placement in God's plan.

In the study guide Lisa stated "It's truth time. Is your soul set free? Is the truth behind your eyes the same as what others see?" and my thoughts stir. Time. My life needs more distance from the past and the pit I was in. The wound has healed itself-the scab is gone but the scar is still there. I accept that scar. It reminds me of where I have come in my spiritual walk-my TRUTH! Time More time is still essential for my growth and the destination of His big plan for my husband and I. In time, we will see and know that we are indeed living in His plan, secure in the ministries we are serving in. The TRUTH is that we are willing, Christ has redeemed us and we are being redefined in Him.

I look in the mirror and I see a broken and humbled heart that has so much to give because of the grace I have experienced. I look for the radiant reflection of Christ and I look for the images of the souls He has ordained me to serve and minister to.
Lisa-thank you for following God's lead in this book. I pray it will continue to bless so many more women as it has with this study group. Lelia-you are an amazing women of God and I am honored to call you friend!!

Reflecting His TRUTH~Pamela


Anonymous said...

Oftentimes the truth is so painful but like you said it can "refresh the spirit" when it is HIS will.

I am sorry for your ministry trials but God is obviously "growing you and your husband" in other ways which is HIS will.

This book has been quite and emotionally journey hasn't it?? I have enjoyed reading your posts!!


Amy said...

I am so sorry for the trials that you and your husband are facing right now, but I know that God will see you and bless you through them.
I am constantly amazed by God's goodness and His ability to see anything good in me. And it never ceases to overwhelm me that He loves even me.
I will be praying for you and your husband.
God Bless,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I remember the first chapter and how you posted that you didn't know if you could or would go on with the study. I commented that I could understand that and had similar thoughts.

Isn't it such a blessing we stuck it out.

One thing that struck a chord with me in this post is what you said here:

"Working and playing in His plan for my life is where my fulfillment will be."

The reason it struck me is because of the word "playing". I have so often associate God's plan with a sense of seriousness. When I read this word and sentence, I had to stop and re-read it thinking, "wow, what a lighthearted jovial, fun, way to think of God's plan in our life."

It's really put a different perspective. I guess it kind of hit me like when we read a verse for the hundredth time and it strikes us differently.

Jill said...

I love how you close saying you have much grace to give because of all the grace you've received. I've been made more aware of that as well and what a blessing. I've enjoyed the walk with you and pray God blesses you as the journey continues, Jill

Darlene said...

I love witnessing the work that God is doing in your life. He IS so full of grace... we can hardly comprehend!

God uses the broken. There is NO doubt about that. He shines through our cracks.

I have loved being on this journey with you! God bless you!! Maybe we will meet again in the next Yes to God study.


Amy L Brooke said...

I love this sentence: TRUTH is accepting who we are for what God made us to be. It is all about it and it is about it being a choice.

Cindy said...

I too bare a scar from ministry 'changes'. If you have read any of my posts you will know that. They are some of the deepest wounds but when God heals them ~ He heals them completely.
I have enjoyed walking this study with you and gleaning from your own life experiences.
I thank God for what He has done during these 9 weeks.
Bless you, Cindy

elaine said...

Thank you for sharing your heart with us over the past several weeks. Your "raw" has been real and full of transparency...traits I consider of high quality.

I pray you look back upon this season as a time of tremendous growth in your life. Self-examination and introspection is good for the soul, especially when done under the light and truth of God's guiding love.

Thank you for being my friend and for sharing this season with me. Have a a great week.


Lelia Chealey said...

I accept that scar. It reminds me of where I have come in my spiritual walk-my TRUTH!

Loved what you said there Pam and love it because I know you mean it.
You are such a beautiful woman. I am the one that is honored to call you friend. Thank you for all that you have meant in my life. HUGE BLESSING!!!

I love friend. Will be praying for you & your family.

The Pink Potpourri said...

i love your blog! GREAT post. i'll have to look into that book.

be sure to swing by my blog! we're having a giveaway!

Lisa said...

You completely "get it," and I hear that in this post. Oh, I am so blessed to know you, a woman I wrote this book for. Taking this journey with you has been such a blessing to me. I have looked forward to your thoughts, insights and comments. Thank you for choosing truth. May you walk in it, dear sister, for the rest of your life! As my girlfriend, Sharon Jaynes says, your scars are beautiful to God.

Love and friendship!
Lisa :)