Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Too Good Not to Share

It has been a busy week for me and I have been lost for time to write a post. In my last blog I encouraged you to seek those God ordained moments and to act on them. It didn't mean you had to spend money but it did mean you might have to give of yourself, even sacrifice of yourself. I pray you had one of those moments!

As I tried to reflect on what to post here, my thoughts are not my own. They are borrowed from others...thoughts shared, studies explored. Somehow, my words are empty but the words I choose to include here are meant to be shared. They are meant to bless others as I have been blessed.

My new Bible study this week has been from 'Believing God' by Beth Moore (recommended by Yolanda, from Higher Ground). It starts us out with five statements we need to wake up to and embrace each morning:

*God is who He says He is!
*God can do what He says He can do!
*I am who God says I am!
*I can do all things through Christ!
*God's Word is alive and active in me!


Teri (A View From the Mountain Top) shared the following from a 2007 Beth Moore conference, their commissioning prayer and it is so US!! It is a prayer we can use daily as we look to serve for His kingdom work, to grow into a vessel He can use:

My Dear Sister,
The God of Glory
Has called you.
You have a ministry.
In Christ, you are enough for that ministry.
Never forget that showing God off is your ministry.
No matter what,
Keep your heart in your ministry.
Unveil your face
And serve others with authenticity.
Always remember that the power is in God's Presence.
Let nothing Come between you and intimacy with God.
Keep moving forward
From glory to glory.
Let God thin that veil.
Remember, ministry is not about position.
It's about people.
Let name after name
Be written on your heart.
Do not seek great things for yourself,
Seek a great God.
As you leave this place,Go in a fresh anointing.
He who turns water into wine
Turns wimps into warriors.
You have a ministry.
Go fulfill it.

Powerful words. Powerful meaning. Affected me so greatly that it is too good not to share.

Ladies-you have a ministry-GO FILL IT! May God's Word be alive and active in you!!

His Maidservant~Pamela

PS-Thank you my two blogger friends that lead me to these two things!!! I am obsessed with these thoughts, the message behind the words.


Libby said...

It is truly amazing to me how God works. I have no idea where you live or anything...but the things you discuss are the same things we discuss at our church. Its amazing!! That's how you KNOW its God and not man.

I heard a song on my way home from church tonight that I had never heard before. The title line was "make this life matter". The first couple of times I heard the chorus, I thought she said make it better...then it finally hit me...MATTER!!! That is my cry, that is my prayer...even if I only make a difference in one life, in was worth it!

Thank you for these words! It confirms everything for me!
In Christ,

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing that prayer. Something I needed.

Hope all is well with you.


Jill said...

Thanks for sharing - it is exactly what I needed to hear. Actually prayed this morning for God to just give me some confirmation to keep moving on, well He did that right here! Thanks again and pray God continues to speak to you and thru you!! Off to print of your post!!

Yolanda said...


That study so impacted my world...rocked it Girlfriend. Another TRUTH besides the 5 you have listed, that will be powerful to your loving heart is:

"I'm blessed, chosen, adopted, accepted, redeemed, forgiven. I'm BELIEVING God."

I have the Commissioning printed off and in my bible. Front and Center!

I so want to do this study again....Love, Yolanda

HIS Daughter said...

I so love your heart for HIM. You and Yolanda are my sisters that shared the same cell of captivity beside me.

May GOD continue to use what Satan tried to destroy us with! Nothing so threatening to an enemy, The Enemy, than 3 women who were freed and are going back to warn others where the traps are!

I love you dearly, sister...We are not wimps...we are warriors...
I loved this Bible Study...LET know one talk you out of what GOD can do....

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I say my 5 statement pledge of faith on a regular basis...we had bracelets made for that study. Still wear mine frequently. I know you will LOVE this study!

Keep me posted on what God is showing you.


Jill said...

Hi Pamela,
Thought I'd respond to your question about studies of Titus 2. I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for, but did pull a few books off my shelf. One is a group study - Apples of Gold by Betty Huizenga. I haven't went thru the program, but we're praying about it now. The book is good and applicable.

The others are books that deal with the mentoring relationship in general, not specific studies of Titus. So with that, Divine Secrets of Mentoring by Carol Brazo (I worked thru this with my mentor and it was very beneficial!), Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor by Donna Otto and Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt. I've also read Spiritual Moms, but not sure of the author right now.

We will be doing a study of Titus, the whole book in our women's Sunday School class this spring, but not sure of the details there.

Hope that is a little help. Thanks again for your post and the words you shared. You spoke of a verse for the year awhile back and the one I settled on was 2 Timothy 4:5 which closes with fulfill the ministry He's given you. Well this all keeps coming together and tomorrow I will share your words with a few friends as we work on organizing a women's conference. thanks again,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great messages and wonderful thoughts of which to obsess.

I love that five-liner of Beth's. I have it on my side bar.