Friday, June 26, 2009

ABC's of the Word...T

I know I am late in posting my scripture for Pam at Grey Like Snuffie's MEME. My youngest and I had the joy of experiencing the stomach flu yesterday. AUGHHH...I haven't felt so bad in a long time. At least we had each other to share in this miserable state of being. Be sure to click on the flower icon above to see all the scripture posted for the alphabet letter "T"!

Many of us posting are in leadership. One of my favorite scripture when thinking about leadership and the role of the leader is this scripture in Exodus...

Moses said to the LORD, "Look, You have told me, 'Lead this people up,' but You have not let me know whom You will send with me. You said, 'I know you by name, and you have also found favor in My sight.' Now if I have indeed found favor in Your sight, please TEACH me Your ways, and I will know You and find favor in Your sight. Now consider that this nation is Your people."
Then He replied, "My presence will go [with you], and I will give you rest." ~ Exodus 33:12-14 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Every day I pray to see God, to hear His voice, to walk beside Him. I have boldly ask for a Moses experience like above but His voice only comes from the scripture, from that still small voice within, and from my Bible studies. He has blessed me with His presence in more way than I can account. But still, wouldn't a Moses experience like above just rock your world?
Like Moses, there was a day I prayed for God to send me another lady with a heart like mine to help me with our women's ministry. She came this year and her name is Shera. I am so blessed to be so in sync with such a women when it comes to His kingdom work. Often times we will separately find the same piece of scripture to pray over our ministry and it is such a God-joy when we realize that God did that to our hearts.
But notice Moses request for a teachable heart. A leader has a teachable heart. A leader is seeking to be taught and lead by the Master himself and the end result? Like a good cup of coffee in the morning or a piece of dove chocolate...FAVOR. Not any favor, His favor. Until that day we need to continue to find favor in His sight, and continue to seek Him to teach us His ways.
Like Moses with a willing heart, go and lead,TEACH and bring all those wounded, lost souls to His kingdom.
Have a blessed weekend ladies. Be teachable. Seek His favor. Be the teacher. And always lean on God.
His Maidservant~Pamela


grey like snuffie said...

Wonderful...being teachable...a good thing to keep praying...I imagine the lack of that can sneak up on us at times.
Yuck to the stomach flu...hope you have a grand weekend Pam...thanks for taking part....and there is no such thing as late with God's Word

Carrie said...

Great commentary on the text...Moses was from the beginning an exemplary leader. No wonder he went to heaven sometime after his death and burial. He also came to encourage Christ in the transfiguration on the mountain.

LynnSC said...

Hi Pamela,
I have missed visiting you... I just haven't been on the computer much. I so loved this post.

I want to always have a teachable heart!!

And... I can so identify with the desires to have and the love of having a friend with a heart like yours for ministry. I have found one too. What a great fellowship we share.

I hope to be back soon,


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I want to remain teachable all the days of my life. How I pray to always posture my heart along those lines.

Hope you're finally feeling better. It's good to hear from you and catch up a bit.