Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To Live the Width of Our Life

From a Mother's Heart to Her Daughters...

Dear Daughters,
Today our hearts are heavy again, grieving for a life ended by cancer at an age too young. You knew her, you went to school together. Cancer doesn't care who it chooses but this classmate of yours fought it hard. Kori may have only live a few short years-20 was it? But she lived it wildly doing more than most of us do in our lifetime. Amazing.

The length of her days may have been shorten in our view but she live the width of those days. She lived well. Can we say that? Her testimony was about serving and loving loud and Jesus was spoken in her actions and in her words.

Girls, our hearts breaks for her family in this loss but our faith should help us celebrate her life. May her legacy motivate us all to not just live the length of our day but the width of our days. May Kori's testimony spur us to live loudly and to cling to Jesus.

Reach out to others girls. Serve fervently. Find your purpose and live each day with all you got!!

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RETA said...

Oh my goodness! Well-said! Thank you for sharing this!