Sunday, February 10, 2008

Second chances

Februaury is the month of love. I use to hate it when I was in a marriage that had no love. Now I find that every day, every week, and every month is a day-a week-a month full of love. It is not easy going through a divorce or a death of a spouse but God can and will find grace in a second marrage-He has in mind. I am so blessed in this second marriage. So loved. Together we serve the same God, we worship and pray together, and God holds us together and binds us.

I would love to hear from other women in second marriages-your story, your blessings.

In His Graces~Pamela


Lisa B @ simply His said...

Hey Pamela,

This isn't my second marriage but my husband's -- does that count? :) His first wife came home one day and said she didn't love him any more. How twisted is it that I'm thankful that she did that? Otherwise, I would not have found my true love :)

RE: Shari's ebook -- we've been trying to track down your email address. Can you email me at lisab [at] simplyhis [dot] org and I can get you the information for the ebook and conference call? We don't want you to miss out :)

Have a very blessed week!

Lizerd said...

Thanks for the comment...yeah, I've been thinking (Love and Hate)

I love your second chances post and even though I have been married to the same guy for (seems like) all my life, I get second chances with him quite a bit.

God bless.

Annette said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

Yes, there is life and a great one at that after divorce! I have been so richly blessed the second time around with a husband who loves and cherishes me.

For 12 years I thought something was wrong with me because I couldn't figure out how to make my marriage work. Books were no help at all. I prayed at length. My former husband's betrayal became a blessing in disguise because only then could I see the verbal abuse I had lived with.

God in his grace and goodness brought an amazing Godly man into my life to love me and my 2 children. I can't believe how far God has brought me...from a reserved, confused, beaten down woman to a confident, outgoing, loved woman. Even my husband comments on how much I've changed since we first met.

While I wouldn't ever want to go through that horrific pain again, I have come to the point that I wouldn't trade what I went through for anything. God did so much in my life and taught me that I can really trust Him through tough times.

I am blessed beyond measure with a husband who loves me even on my bad days! Many, many times throughout my days I give God gratitude for this man.

God is so good! I'm thankful for second chances...and for the opportunity to minister to others who have experienced the same heartbreak I have.

MrsProverbs31 said...

Wow! No matter where we're at in our lives, god has a place for each one of us. Even though, I am with my first love, I know it cannot be easy to go through with what you went through. It is great to find His grace.

Stop by my blog. I have something for you there-the end.

Lelia Chealey said...

Hey Pamela!
My husband & I have been together for 17 years, married 8.5, but I feel this is our 2nd marriage to each other even though we were never divorced. God showed us so much grace the day I confessed of an affair & then in turn he did. Caught me off guard as I thought I was the only unfaithful one, but it has been the thing to draw me closer to the God I've always loved...not always obeyed...but always loved. Anyway, I have a relationship with Gene I never had before. We've talked of renewing our vows as obviously neither one of us respected them the 1st time around.
I love that we have forgiven each other and moved forward together with the Lord. Not only is our relationship with each other better, but our relationship with God is incredible, both as a couple & individually. So my friend I totally know the meaning of your blog name...In His Graces...and feel blessed because of it.

How's your daughter?

Love you~