Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Radical Obedience

As we continue Lelia's blog Bible study (http://leliachealey.blogspot.com/)from from Lysa TerKeurst book "What Happens When Women Say YES to God", we enter into chapter three: When Obedience Becomes Radical (http://lysaterkeurst.blogspot.com/). Wow! what a convicting chapter! Just how radical are we as Christian women today?
"God wants us to be wiling to obey with our whole heart" (pp.43). I know that is our whole desire but doesn't other things sometimes get in the way? work, finances, the kids activities, even things that we see as holy-like ministry. As Lysa implies in this chapter, to develop a whole heart, radically obedient to God involves a purifying process in order that we can be "prepared and matured for our calling" (pp.47). As we go through His purifying process, which is sometimes quite painful and difficult, He removes those things that are keeping us from being more like Him. No matter what else is in our life, we are called to love God above everything else!

And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength. ~Deuteronomy 6:5

As I read this chapter, I felt God asking me to examine my heart. One of the questions in the back on this chapter asked if there was something that God is asking us to give up, that would help to make my heart more pure for Him. Though I love Him, there are areas of selfishness I must admit to, as painful as it is. I felt really convicted to look at my heart as a mother and the time and attention I give to my girls, or don't give to my girls. The times when I am trying to read a blog and one of the girls is trying to share her homework grade with me, or the time I am watching TV or reading a book when I could be more focus on them. I really felt a different kind of message from God..."love them as you love me and they will then learn to love me as you do". I know as mothers we are called to be radically obedient to this calling-to care for His children He has placed in our care. This is where I am not being radically obedient. OUCH. I need to give up some of my selfishness of self and devote more quality time with those precious girls.

Saying YES to God is a discipline that I am striving for in every area of my life-as His servant, as a wife, as a mother, as a teacher, as a friend. It is the delight of my heart. So I am working on the fruits found in this on-going love affair I have with Jesus as mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23, particularly on gentleness (Phil. 4:5),-to be more loving to the ones God has blessed me with; faithfulness (Isa 25:1)-to be more faithful to His callings in my life; and self-control (2 Peter 1:5-8)-to be stronger in my attitude and reactions. I cherish your prayers in these areas for my life.

"The more we say YES to God, the more we will live in expectation of seeing Him. The more we expect to see God, the more we will. The more you experience Him, the more you'll trust Him. The more you trust Him, the more you'll open up your hands in absolute obedience" (pp.53).

Radical obedience. That's what we are called to. Yes Lord!

In His Graces~Pamela


Lelia Chealey said...

Very good Pam!!!! Loved what you wrote about being a Mom. I sense my teenage son is feeling a little neglected with all the surgery & baby talk happening in our home.
Good stuff..thanks friend.

Jenny said...

A great reminder! Great post and very much like how I am feeling!!


Amy said...

Nice post, Pam.
I too have been convicted in those same areas as a mother.
Thanks for sharing your heart.
In Christ,

Amy L Brooke said...

Wonderful thoughts. I love the idea of the whole heart but I'm glad God is willing to take my half-hearted obedience at times and press me on to giving Him more and more of my heart.

Trish said...

Pamela, your right on the target your greatest mission right now is love those girls and time with them they will then see the Saviour. Your Grandmother, my Mother-in-law many years ago told me my children was God's ministry. Was my heart too concern with other children being saved that someof mine are not following Christ today? My greatest desire form the Lord now that I am in my last years is that my children, grandchildren, and generations to come know Chirst personaly. Love you Mom

Laura said...

Hi, Pamela! I have been following this study, but not participating. I love Lysa's books. Sounds like this one is a keeper! Maybe I'll revisit your thoughts when I finally get around to reading it! I enjoy reading your thoughts tremendously. your insights are so thought provoking. I'll keep coming back!

Yolanda said...

The 3 fruits I listed are:




And really with all three fruits this one particular scripture seems to be screaming at me:

Philippians 4:5

"Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near."

Interchange gentleness for the other fruits, and it just speaks so strongly to me.


Tonya said...

Hey There!

After reading your comment on KNOWING GOD'S will, I remembered some things I'd read in the "Experiencing God" Bible study. One of them is to ask yourself (when seeking HIS will) if what you're doing, wanting to do, or the "word" that you think you may have lines up with GOD'S WORD.

Dr. Blackaby reminds us to compare how GOD always worked throughout the Bible with our circumstances now. As I say this... I CANNOT tell you that I have CLEARLY KNOWN GOD'S will in many things we've faced. There were INNUMERABLE times during the greatest battle of our lives that we felt "peace" with what was happening even though we couldn't say for sure that we had CLEAR direction. One thing that we always pray, is that if the direction we're headed is NOT where HE wants us to go, that HE will close the door and not allow us to go through it.

I'll pray with you for HIS guidance as you seek HIS will... =-)


A God Chaser said...

Thanks Pam for the reminder of being obedient. I struggle with the same thing as you when it comes to spending time with my daughter. balancing all we try to get done in a day and be in the word is often a struggle, but if I truley learn to commit my day to God it will get easier. i am also glad you were blessed at my blog. I pray we will continue to bless us both and give us the word we need fo rthe day.