Thursday, July 3, 2008

Time for some blog hugs!!

Friends-when I was at She Speaks conference I met the sweetest gal. Her name is Mari, she is full of energy and never at a loss for words. More importantly, she is a women with a heart for God. She is new to blog world and I thought it would be sweet if we filled her day with some blog hugs and prayers! Go check out her site: and give her a special blessing today!!

Then would you also stop over and offer a prayer and blog hug to Amy ( who is having back surgery today, this morning, and will be bedridden for quite some time. She has a wonderful heart for God and is such a funny blogger. It is such a joy to call her friend too!! Though God is with her, she will need our support too!

Do you know do you understand that you represent Jesus to me?
Do you know do you understand that when you treat me with gentleness it raises the question in my mind that maybe He is gentle, too.
Maybe He isn't someone who laughs when I am hurt.
Do you know do you understand that when you listen to my questions and you don't laugh, I think, "What if Jesus is interested in me, too?
Do you know do you understand that when I hear you talk about arguments and conflicts and scars from your past that I think, "Maybe I am just a regular person instead of a bad, no-good girl who deserves abuse."
If you care I think maybe He cares- and then there's this flame of hope that burns inside of me and for a while I am afraid to breathe because it might go out.
Do you know do you understand that your words are His words?
Your face, His face to someone like me?
Please be who you say you are.
Please, God, don't let this be another trick.
Please let this be real. Please.
Do you know do you understand that you represent Jesus to me?
(This poem was written by a teenage girl named Sharon
when she was searching and checking out Christianity).

In Him~MrsJoeB


Amy said...

That is a powerful poem, Pamela.
Thank you for your prayers and sweet words to me.
You are always so kind and encouraging and so deserving of the blogging award that I passed to you! Your blog is such a blessing to visit.:)
I'm blessed to have met you in this blogging world.

Take care and God bless,

P.S. If I do publish a blog post on pain meds, just ignore my punctuation and spelling.:) I'm just saying is all.;)

Yolanda said...

I loved these thoughts and they beat with the beat of my heart.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thanks for sharing. I've been lifting up the dear Amy for many days (weeks) and will continue to do so. She is so precious and my heart breaks for all she's endured.

I will be sure to visit Mari's blog and give her a huge welcome to blogland.

I wonder if the author of that poem found her answers to Christianity and found her Jesus.

Mari said...


You are such a blessing to me! God sure knew what He was doing (as always) when He sat us next to each other. It's a privilege to know you! May God's blessings be on you today and always my friend!

In Christ,

jesuslegaleagle said...

I will be sure to check out your recommended blogs!

Asking for prayer today. Hubby is being called in for a 'reaming out' meeting at 1:00 today. It is sheer politics because he is doing more than anybody in his department. I know 'the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, but am asking for prayer for wisdom for hubby to be godly in his responses.



tiggerdaisy said...

You are just too sweet!!!

Giving Mari hugs and Amy prayers! It can't get any better than that people! Let's love on one another!

Prayers and Blessings!

Kelley said...

I will give those girls a hug today. And I love the poem. Where did you find it. I would love to share it with my daughter as she heads to a Beach conference with the youth group from church (yes, she gets to go to the beach and I don't). I so appreciate you Pamela, thanks for being my blog pal!!


Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Ladies-I found this poem doign a random search on msn for "christian friendship poems" and felt it was a good reminder of how we should be as we reach out to others...especially people we don't know!!

In His Graces~Pamela

jesuslegaleagle said...

Thanks for your prayers!
We will pray for you too. I'm so ready for Roger to walk away too. We are to work on his resume this weekend.

He was only berated for an hour yesterday instead of the usual 1 1/2 hour sessions and only one guy was there. We felt that God dissipated their anger and it ended up being pretty harmless. PTL.

It is so hard to see your man be so mistreated when you know he works so hard that when he comes home all he wants to do is sleep.

Please feel free to email me at It helps to know someone else is going through the same thing.

God Bless