Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yes to God Bible Study

I really am having a hard time putting this book down and sticking to just the chapters that are due each week...I was able to read a few chapters at camp last week and while waiting in an office yesterday. The reading is easy. It's like each chapter is a gift and I can't wait to open it to reveal God's message to me. I have saved the study questions at the end of each chapter for our assigned week. What a blessing I am receiving.
Looking back, there were so many times I thought I was walking in faith but in reality I wasn't. Daily I find God is challenging me to walk in faith, in the the little things and in the big things. We are going through some tough situations-a custody battle, change of jobs and loss of income, spiritual renewal for two teen girls after camp (which we want to keep feeding so it remains alive and real for them)...and I am living in such peace with each of these. I could choose to dwell on the stress but instead, I choose to walk in faith and let God's will be done.
In reality, I am a fixer, a doer and it is sometimes hard for me not to try and correct these situations, change them to meet my needs or desires. Instead, my husband and I are trying a new approach...walking in faith, giving it to God and waiting for His outcome. That is what chapter four is all about-Loving God more than my dream. There seems to be a famine associated with my dream and so I heed the promptings God lays on my heart and just press forward knowing God will complete the dream He has called me to, just like Abraham as referenced by Lysa in this chapter. Lysa's stories in the chapters of this book have been so encouraging for this moment of my life.
Lysa opens the next chapter, The adventure our souls were made for with the statement in the first paragraph "In this new place of sacrifice and surrender, God will take you outside your comfort zone, and you'll learn to depend on Him like never before". Boy howdy!! Or should I say Amen and amen!! She goes on to write further into the chapter "The more we really believe the truths God calls us to believe, the more we will take chances with God. We can press through pains of famine and fins comfort in knowing that God has a good plan even in our discomfort". That is my here and now as I described above. I am more aware of God and His ability to work in and through me and each circumstance I am facing. He is my provider, my comfort, my fulfillment.
"I'll not look back regardless of how hard the famine gets.
I'll focus on what is ahead and find joy knowing God will always come through" (pp.55)
I used this statement over and over last week at camp with the girls and my daughter that I counseled with. Indeed He does come through for the broken, the repentant, the blameless, the faithful. The women who walks in faith, not in and of herself, but in faith-total surrender, she knows God's presence. Oh how I wish that I would have known him in my younger years like I do now. What joy... what peace... what fulfillment.
I took the following verse from the study guide for chapter five and wrote it out on an individual card for each of the girls in my cabin. I placed it on their pillow one evening with 4 pieces of Dove chocolates. When we came back to the dorms for our DEVO's they immediately dived into the chocolate. I asked them if they could stop with just one..."NO!!" was the overwhelming response! Then I asked what feelings they experienced as they ate the chocolate..."so good"..."love"..."happy". Then I read them this verse listed below and encouraged them that scripture is be that to our souls..."so good...desired...fulfilling..joy...delight". We should feel as if we cannot get enough!! Then I reminded them that they are called by name. God has a purpose and plan for each of them and they are special. It is in spending time in prayer and in the Scripture that one builds that intimacy with God to know his plan for their life!
Your words were found and I ate them, And Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.
~Jeremiah 15:16
Isn't this just a beautiful verse? I just love it! It speaks my heart and how I hunger and thirst for more of Him. Hopefully my camp girls got a glimpse of that!! Even more so...hopefully it was contagious!!
Blessings!! MrsJoeB


Mari said...

I'm first again :) Pamela you are so inspiring to me. I love how you are just trusting God in all that is happening in your life. You know He is faithful and will see you through. I'm praying for your court date tomorrow (Thursday). God is surely working in your family. When you get through to the other side of these situations, I believe He'll have something wonderful and incredible for you. Hang in there with the Lord Pamela. Love you!


LynnSC said...

Loved your comments. Is life just tough or what?? He wants us outside of our comfort zones... into His zone.

"Your words were found and I ate them, And Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts. ~Jeremiah 15:16"

Awesome verse... and as a major chocolate junkie, the Dove candy made your point. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I want to hunger for God's Word. Not be able to walk by without having just a "little piece".


Amy said...

"In this new place of sacrifice and surrender, God will take you outside your comfort zone, and you'll learn to depend on Him like never before".

I am definitely there. Outside of my comfort zone. And I am learning to depend on Him as I sit here each day in bed.

Shannon and I are waiting on some BIG promises from God, and I can feel Him preparing us through all that is going on in our lives right now.

I loved your Dove chocolate point.
Not being able to stop with just one.:)
We need to constantly have our hearts, minds, and bodies in the "candy" jar so to speak. Always craving more "spiritual" chocolate.

This was a beautiful post, Pamela.

In Christ,

Yolanda said...


I tell a lovely young mother/wife that God has me mentoring at the moment of how awesome it is that she is hungering & walking with God at her age. She will have the opportunity to make many wiser choices for having done so.

I so envy that in a healthy way, as I didn't come to know Christ until later in life, in a deep personal way. Later as in my mid-30's. Instead of teens or 20's. What joy He has given me and the peace He has blessed me with. Oh, if only...can't look in the rearview mirror....PRAISE GOD THAT HE IS MINE TODAY!

I also wanted to touch on the cool way you shared this scripture with those girls at camp. GIRLFRIEND, that was truly SWEET & DELICIOUS!

Love ya,

tiggerdaisy said...

Now that is a life verse! I love it! Writing it out on a notecard right now!

Like you, I am enjoying this study tremendously. It is hard not to keep reading, but I know that would take away from getting the very best from each chapter as we discuss them from week to week.

Love your heart, girl!

Prayers and blessings,

Jill said...

Loved reading your thoughts - thanks for sharing. The letting go business is never easy, but the right thing isn't always easy is it? My prayers are with you as you journey on. Jill

Nancy said...

What a creative and fun way to teach your camp girls, through chocolate. What a blessing you are to them. Great work and great post.

much2ponder said...

This looks like a wonderful book and a great study. You make it sound so interesting. It makes me wish I had bought the book so I could be a part, but I know I am already reading a couple of books so I had to discipline myself not to buy any new ones just yet. I am praying the Lord continue to bless you as he has been through it though. Blessings:)

Laurie Ann said...

I absolutely loved your post. All of it. Life is so tough but God is so faithful! He never promised us it would be easy, but it can be easier than we expected just by resting and trusting in Him as He takes us through each of these journeys of faith.