Sunday, September 20, 2009

Celebration of Life for Lois

Yesterday a group of us traveled to Iowa to celebrate the life of a friend. She won her battle with cancer and found eternal healing. She left a legacy that we all should admire and strive for. I only saw her about twice a year. I wasn't a close friend, just a ministry partner for our Tri-state Camp. Yet yesterdays ceremony will no doubt be a monumental, transformational moment in my life. Here is what I have gained from Lois...
Lois loved God with a passion. She was meek. She was spiritually lovely in that she radiated God's love. Listening to others comment on her life and service, she was a women who never complained, who gave unselfishly and gave, gave, gave. She started every morning with her God in scripture reading and prayer. He was first in her life.

I love God but I need to love Him more passionately. I open my mornings in the scripture but prayer is often short and fleeting. Forgive me God for not giving you more time. I spend more time getting ready for the seems so selfish now...

Lois complimented her husband. She care for him and was foundational for his success and his comforter when life threw a few bad punches. He called her "blessed" and love her purely, unconditionally.

I have always wanted to compliment Joe. That's hard coming from our "rough start". I am more driven in this. I have been selfish in this area as I think back to how much Joe has loved me...purely, unconditionally. Forgive my selfishness Lord.

Lois loved her children unconditionally. She was their encourager and protector. Not a day slipped by without her bathing them in prayer or teaching them His way, His truths.
Again, I have been selfish. I have not loved unconditionally. I have not always been the encourager that I should have been. I have allowed their attitudes to close me up to them. I have been judgemental. I have been unkind. I have been selfish...yet again...forgive me Lord.

Above everything else, she and her husband have demonstrated that God is all they need. They have lived a life totally trusting Him in everything. That is the testament I want to be remembered for. Therefore, more of Him and less of me (Jn 3:30) has become my memory verse and my goal.

This morning in Sunday school I was teaching and was able to stand in front of the youth and reference Lois's life into our lesson. In open apparency and in tears, I admitted to my husband and three teenagers my selfishness and my desire to be different.

Yesterday, through the celebration of a life lost here on earth, I was humbled. Yesterday, through the celebrations of a life now eternal, I was convicted. Yesterday, through the celebration of a life lived I was inspired.

Thank you sweet Lois for modeling what God has called us to be as women.


Yolanda said...


Is God amazing or what? I love the relationships He chooses to bring into my life that encourage, convict and inspire me to love Him more, serve Him more, spend time with Him more....all to GLORIFY HIM.

Love to you,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What a beautiful tribute to Lois.

Jill said...

Pamela, I enjoy reading your words. Isn't it amazing the impact one life can have on another. Thanks for reminding me of that truth today. I pray God will continue to use Lois's life as a blessing in yours - someday your celebration will do the same. Blessings to you, Jill

Lea said...

Pamela, your tribute to Lois is beautiful. ~So is your heart.
I'm sorry for your loss, and happy for heaven's gain.
In Him,

Laura said...

My consolation on the loss of your friend, Pamela. This is such a sweet tribute to Lois.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I want to live as Lois lived; thank you for sharing her witness with me. Brings me some much needed perspective this night.