Monday, May 3, 2010

Peace For The Journey

At the end of 2007 I stumbled onto the Christian blog world. Shortly thereafter in March of 2008 I became friends with a blogger whose words instantly grabbed my heart and soul. She could take you on a journey and lead you to the presence of God literally. Later that summer I actually ran into her at a Christian women's conference. She was in the hallway laughing and handing out candy. When I realized who she was there was an instant warmth and comfort with being in her presence. A peace. Seriously, and she is all about peace. She is Elaine Olsen from the Carolina's and I have been honored to call her my blog friend. I have felt safe to share with her my pain throughout the years and knew this women of God was one of the first I could call on for prayer. Though she is my age, her writings have been a mentoring of sorts, spiritual counseling, guiding me closer to this God we both cherish. I have been in awe of her penmanship and the spiritual depth she could take you to. And I have encouraged her since that meeting to write me a book. there's something about copying all her blog entries being a copyright violation or something. Smile.

I did a little scream this morning when she announced today her book was being released. I am so darn proud for her! I know most of you who venture over this way these days are already friends with Elaine and her blog site "Peace for the Journey", BUT if by chance you have stumbled on here, and you don't know Elaine, I encourage you to visit her site and be captivated by the words she pens prompted by a God she serves so well. As you see below, God has given her a gift and now it's wrapped in a cover for us to cherish!

Elaine, you are huge to me. I cherish your writings and so look forward to this new book of yours!! Thank you for being there and thank you for listening to God! I hope you are already starting on book number two!!

Believing Him~Pamela


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You are huge to me as well, and I am honored to call you friend! Thank you for your words here and for allowing me any measure of input into your heart and life. It's more than I deserve, yet I humbly receive it as a gift from a God who cannot help but be gracious unto those he loves!

That's us, you know.

Love you as well.


Pamela (His maidservant) said...
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Pamela (His maidservant) said...

I'm glad you understood "huge"!! I read it again and thought "aughhh...that could be taken wrong.
Your godly influence has encouraged and uplifted me more than you will ever know. There will be an extra jewell in that crown just for that.
I think I will have to have a give-a-way with your book real soon!!

Believing Him~Pamela

Lois said...

I am sorry if my comment is rude. I don't want claim you think as like as me, but please, read this book. I feel your words are fine, but I want you read it and later tell me if you follow feeling the same. Only read it might not make you change, but you'll be more intellectual. :D

The book is: Why I Am Not a Christian, by Bertrand Russell.

Regards from Spain!

joven said...

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