Monday, June 28, 2010


I am on a journey to capture meekness in my life. As I was searching for healing from a recent event, God boldly brought to my attention this need that I have for it. I am listening [sigh]. It may be a long journey but I am up to it. I am determined, even desperate to secure it. I have seen it in others, I have to have it for myself. I have learned so much about this word in my studies. Surely if I continue to seek it out I will find it come to life in my own being.

Meekness. It is not a popular character trait of this world. You don't necessarily get to "the top" by being meek, hence, many associate meekness with weakness. But the opposite is true. Jesus listed it as the third characteristic of the perfect man in his sermon of the beatitudes found in Matthew 5. It is an adjective describing Christ in several scripture throughout the Bible making it even more valuable to explore. So, this is what I have learned about meekness so far....

*Meekness is having a submissive, trusting attitude towards God and others.

*To be meek is to be gentle and humble of heart (Mat. 11:28-30).

*Meekness is manifested in its reaction to evil, it is anger under control.

*Meekness is a cure to bitterness!

*Meekness is a work of God's Spirit in our lives.

*Meekness is endurance.

*Meekness is being willing to forgive.

*Meekness is never self-centered

Then I was taken to Psalm 37 in my study (Lord Only You Can Change Me by Kay Arthur) and it has the message of meekness spread throughout it's verses, especially when facing difficulties. I took it a bit further than Kay and I want to share with you it's truths. From Kay....

*A meek person trust and delights in God (vs 3&4)

*A meek person is committed to God (vs 5).

*A person of meekness will wait and rest in God (vs 6-8).

*A meek person's confidence is in God (vs 9).

* A person of meekness will be rewarded by God (vs 11).

and may I add.....

*A meek person seeks to live righteously and by doing so...

-she will be held up by the Lord (vs. 17, 23-24)

-she will not wither in times of disaster (vs 19).

-she is generous (Vs26)

-she is protected by the power of God (vs. 28)

-she will be filled with spiritual wisdom (vs. 30)

-she will put God's word to heart (vs 31)

-she will find peace (vs 37)

-God will be her stronghold (vs. 39)

-God will be her help and deliverer because she takes refuge in him (vs 40)

Can you see a beautiful picture of meekness here? Can you see the colors of Christ's spirit dancing along the canvas? When you look at Christ, you see meekness as it was meant to be: gentle, humble, loving, forgiving, intolerant of sin (controlled anger), wise, giving, and at peace. It blocks bitterness from taking root in your life, or as in my case it removed the roots that had already taken hold. It is fed by mediating and dwelling on God's word, putting His truths into practice and by trusting God.

Only God can make you meek. You have to be willing. I would love your thoughts on what you have learned in your life about meekness.

My Holy God, my Sovereign God, I praise you for the tools you have provided to lead me on this journey and the peace I carry that can only come from You. Make me meek but only for your glory. I trust you and accept whatever comes into my life as being first filtered through your hands. I accept everything that comes into my life without murmuring and without retaliation (and you know how hard this one is for me). Grace my soul with your Spirit. Cover me with your protection. Hold my hand and lead me on this journey. Carry me when I am weak. Strengthen me when it seems impossible and I have lost any endurance to achieve what you have be meek for your glory. I love you Lord, I want to love you more and to honor you. ~Amen


Believing Him~Pamela


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A trusting attitude toward God and others... this is what immediately gripped my heart. Then there's the part about a generous heart; I seek to have that kind of heart, but there's so much about meekness, I'm not sure I'll ever truly model my Jesus in the matter.

Anger under control?
Willing to forgive?
Not self-centered?


Work to be done for sure, but something worth striving for and toward. I want to resemble my Jesus; I want to grow my faith and to keep in step with his Spirit all the days of my life. These last few weeks have been extremely hard for me, a real test of my faith. Thankfully, I'm emerging again to take hold of the truth I so boldly proclaim, but when in the depths of murky waters, I've had a hard time finding God. Thankfully, he's never far!

Love you, friend. Onward and upward toward meekness...


joven said...

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joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine to,and be a follower..thanks and God bless..